Dinosaur Hand Puppet Toy - Flexible T-Rex Hand Puppet

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Highly Realistic, Super Flexible Hand Puppet
Don't Be Fooled By The Sharp Teeth - This T-Rex Is Soft And Stretchy
You Can Create An Infinite Number Of Facial Expressions And Bites!
Great For Role Play And Even Puppet Theater
Just Slip It Over Your Hand And Start The Fun - You're In Control


Big Bite's Dinosaur Hand Puppet is the perfect toy for an action packed play time. Made of soft and stretchy material making it easy to manipulate this dino's facial expression and bites! You can control the largest and fiercest predator to ever roam the earth. Use this hand puppet to for your own "Jurassic Park" inspired role play. You can even use this flexible hand puppet to put on a fun puppet show with family and friends, There are endless possibilities to have fun with this T-Rex hand puppet toy.