12x20x1 Filtrete Filter

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1250 Performance Rating, MERV 11 Rating.
Convenient package of 4 filters.
Up to 3 months of filtering performance.
25% more efficient than the Filtrete Micro Allergen Filter. 15% better airflow then the Filtrete Micro Allergen Filter.


Meets the American Lung Association Health House Indoor Air Quality Guidelines. Captures: 90% of large allergens - like mold spores and pet dander - from the air passing through the filter; microscopic allergens like dust, smoke and smog particles; and bacteria and particles that can carry viruses. No unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals added. Filtrete filtering material will not support the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi in normal use. Filtrete has recently changed packaging. You may receive either 1250/1500 Ultra or 1500 Advanced Allergen.